The Acquire Crowdfunding Advantage

Acquire began with a daring plan: gather the right people, make sound, long-term investment decisions, and offer only the highest quality of investments.


Acquire doesn’t just raise money for our investments on a best efforts model. We pre-fund every deal, every time. We perform our own underwriting and due diligence for each of our investment properties, then we pre-fund those investments off our balance sheet. We put up all the funds up front because we believe in the investments we’re offering and we're willing to hold each investment for the life of our fund. Sponsors love doing business with us because we always show up with a check in hand for the full amount—and clients love our model because they know they’re investing alongside us.


Acquire works with a select group of Sponsors—the companies we’ve identified as the best of the best. In addition to a long history of success, an excellent track record and consistent returns, our Sponsors have also navigated various economic slowdowns and weathered all storms. Typically these Sponsors have a minimum of $200 million under management, at least 10 years of experience, and a history of returns that are consistent within their investment strategy. Learn more about our Sponsors here.


Acquire invests in all asset classes, from retail and multi-family to office, industrial and hotel, but even a cursory review of our investments reveals a collection of top-tier properties run by nationally recognized sponsors. We focus on cash-flowing real estate properties in order to provide our investors with a core, institutional-quality asset that they can expect consistent quarterly returns on. We only invest in properties that are underwritten properly and are run by conservative operators with the experience, knowledge and discipline to weather all storms. View our investment properties here.


Acquire's Investor Exchange™ is groundbreaking in its provision of potential liquidity for commercial real estate. Our Exchange provides a guided process for valuing and transferring equity interests that is fast, easy and secure. Our in-house technology automates the entire exchange process, creating a seamless online transfer and affording an outlet for liquidity with formerly long-term, illiquid investments. Learn more about the Acquire Exchange here.

Retirement Investing

Put your retirement savings to work for you in commercial real estate with Acquire’s self-directed IRA feature. Our integration with Midlands IRA, a recognized leader in the self-directed IRA industry, allows you to experience commercial real estate level returns in a tax-deferred or tax-free investment. Learn more about retirement investing here.

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