Acquire Real Estate offers commercial real estate for rental property investment. Rental property investment is real estate which was bought and developed to earn income for its owners. Rental property investments were not always available to private investors until the Jumpstart Our Business Startup Act was passed by the U.S. Congress in 2012.

Now, through Acquire Real Estate, you can start participating in rental property investments. There are many advantages of participating in rental property investments but we’re going to give you what we believe are the top four reasons.

1. You Decide Which Rental Property Investment To Purchase

When you decide to make a rental property investment through Acquire Real Estate, you choose which commercial real estate to invest in. You review the tenants and the location, and then you decide whether the rental property investment is right for you. This is unlike most of your other investments in public securities where someone else is typically using your money to buy investments that he/she believes are most profitable. And unlike public securities, you can literally see and touch your investment in the form of the income property itself. If you are interested in Rental Property Investments with Acquire Real Estate, and you are an accredited investor as defined by the SEC, then sign up here for more information.

2. Rental Property Investments Put Money in Your Pocket

When you buy into the ownership of a rental property investment, you’re part of the team that receives rental income from the tenants. At Acquire Real Estate, we issue quarterly rent payments to you from the tenants of your rental property investment. This is the very essence of owning commercial real estate and part of what makes the investment so lucrative and attractive to many investors. The rent payments are in addition to any appreciation the income property may accrue at the time it is resold. You will also receive the benefit of that accrual for your rental property investment.

3. Immediate Tax Write-Offs for Rental Property Investments

As an income property owner, you are entitled to significant tax deductions. Among other things, you can depreciate your rental property investment based on a set depreciation schedule, even if your property is actually appreciating in value. Be sure to consult an accounting professional to better understand the tax advantages of making a rental property investment.

4. Rental Property Investments Diversify Your Investment Portfolio

As mentioned earlier, rental property investments allow you to better control where your investment dollars are going. Additionally, assuming you’re like most accredited investors who are heavily invested in the public markets, you’ll want to consider investing in other asset classes, just as real estate, to better diversify your portfolio. Whether it be in rental property investments or simply long-term holdings, the more diverse your total investment portfolio is, the less risk you’ll expose yourself to. If you are interested in Rental Property Investments with Acquire Real Estate, and you are an accredited investor as defined by the SEC, then sign up here for more information.

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